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If you require a home care service that provides expert dementia and complex care in Richmond, Windsor and area of West London and Surrey, get in contact with Comfort Complex Care. We have almost 30 years of experience in working for care agencies and are now refining our industry knowledge into a healthcare service that is impeccably delivered and constructed around the individual preferences of patients. Our staff are self-employed, extremely professional and maintain an incredibly high standard of home care at all times. No two conditions are alike, which is why we strongly advocate dialogue with patients in order to build a relationship and understand their unique demands. Beyond dementia and complex care, we are qualified to care for a series of conditions ranging from brain injuries, spinal problems, cerebral palsy, autism, and much more.


For a home care service in West London and Surrey that is second to none, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Comfort Complex Care.





 Our Dementia Care





 Home Care Services in West London and Surrey

It has been proven that dementia patients benefit from receiving care from the familiar comforts of their own home. That is why our dementia home care service is geared towards providing a live in care service that is as welcoming and relaxed as possible. To do this, we take great care to engage in dialogue with clients, understanding their personality and, as a result, learning what makes them tick on an individual level. We always stress to new recruits that communication is key.



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 Our Complex Care






Ventilator Care

This home care service includes support with connecting and disconnecting your ventilator on a daily basis. Our healthcare service also covers support changing, cleaning filters and tubing, along with giving support for any particular problems that patients have regarding their ventilator.



Home Care Services



Tracheostomy Care

We are highly experienced in undertaking a full tracheostomy change, keeping the trach tube spotlessly clean by changing the inner cannula along with providing suctioning and cleaning parts of your skin. Our professionals are adept at doing this in a prompt and effective manner, every time.

Home Care Services in West London and Surrey


As part of our tracheostomy care services, we provide manual ventilation through a bag valve mask when clinical signs indicate that respiratory functions require assistance. Our team uses a flow-inflation technique, enabling us to regulate the supply of oxygen as required.



Cough Assist

The cough assist helps to clear secretions through applying positive pressure to fill the patient’s lungs ahead of quickly switching to a negative pressure to produce a high expiratory rate, thereby stimulating a cough. This is applied via a mask, mouthpiece of tracheostomy tube.

Home Care Services



Chest Physio

This practice is also geared towards addressing respiratory problems, with one of our home care experts employing various techniques such as postural drainage, chest percussion, chest vibration, turning, breathing exercises and cough assist in order to help oxygen enter your lungs more freely.


Depending on the demands of a patient’s condition, we are able to provide shallow oral suctioning as well as deep suction via tracheostomy, using either a closed or open suction catheter system. We employ this practice in accordance with the unique circumstances of a particular situation.



Bowel Care

This can be required by patients who have recently suffered a spinal cord injury. Our live in care service will help with every aspect of the process, from assisting you into the correct position to digital evacuation to bowel stimulation, using suppositories and enemas if needed.

Home Care Services



Stoma Care

Getting used to needing a stoma can be difficult, which is why we are on hand to make the process as simple as possible. With the help of an experienced healthcare professional, the process of taking care of the stoma site and emptying the stoma bag will become seamless.

Catheter Care

We provide all the help that you need when it comes to cleaning, changing and monitoring your catheter. This entails recurrent catheterisation, looking after the suprapubic site along with general catheter recognition and management of any urinary tract infections.



Oxygen Therapy

If you are suffering from conditions such as low blood oxygen, carbon monoxide toxicity and cluster headaches, our home care service includes the supply of oxygen through the nasal canula, face mask or via tracheostomy, using cylinders or condensers.

Home Care Services



Personal Care

We also take care of the more basic everyday needs of our clients. This includes supplying medication when necessary, dressing and bathing, providing specialist bed baths, along with more generally serving as a companion and assisting with communication skills.

Epilepsy Management

For patients suffering from epilepsy or seizures, we have a team of dedicated professionals who know exactly how to provide the right kind of care, from dealing with injury from episodes to administration of medications such as midazolam and diazepam.



Gastronomy Care

This service incorporates a more all-encompassing care at home for the stoma site. For instance, along with cleaning and changing stoma bags, we will also administer a gastronomy micky minu button, medication, and water and food via a PEG tube through the use of both gravity and pumps.

Home Care Services







  Other Services


Brain Injury

Whether you suffered a brain injury due to a stroke or another cause, the recovery process for each individual is different. That is why we always look to work closely with you and create a customised rehabilitation programme, always taking into account the unique characteristics of your condition along with any individual preferences that you may have. Through close communication in a relaxed environment, we will work together to recover various life skills at your own pace.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Suffering a spinal cord injury at any age has a considerable effect on you and your surrounding family. Our main goal, therefore, is to not just provide optimal treatment for the condition but also take a broader approach that offers emotional support to the family. By doing this, we can establish a home care environment that is welcoming and warm, giving you the best chance to properly recover from the injury and return to performing daily tasks. 

Cerebral Palsy

This service is available to people of all ages and is centered around enabling you to live an uninterrupted, rich life. Our company offers a first-class chest physiotherapy service and can provide any specific equipment that is required. Moreover, by getting to know you and your wider family personally, we can establish a support network that gives you the platform to thrive at school, university or the workplace.

24-Hour Care

Many conditions require round-the-clock care, and our home care service provides exactly that in a way that is both highly professional and tailored to your needs. Comfort Complex Care offers 24-hour care for both adults and children, delivering an impeccable service on a shift basis with rotating staff if waking nights are required. Alternatively, if you want a live-in care service – somebody who you can build a close relationship with – then this is possible as well. 

Care Plans and Support

Alongside carers and nurses, support workers play a vital role in the practice of expert live in care, providing important supplementary assistance to your daily life. You get the final say over the support staff who work with you as well as complete control over the customised care plan that we set for you. These plans are modified regularly in order to incorporate any fresh demands or changes to your abilities and future goals.




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Comfort Complex Care’s home care service offers many other services relating to home care, so if you live in Richmond, Windsor or the wider West London and Surrey area and need daily help with dementia or any other condition, get in contact with us.