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Do you need an expert, friendly home care service that specialises in dementia and complex care? If so, get in contact with Comfort Complex Care, a company with almost 30 years of experience in providing superb personalised treatment for patients in Richmond, Windsor and the wider area of West London and Surrey. With us, you can rest assured that every member of our self-employed staff team is fully qualified and highly passionate about what they do. Following such a long period of working for home care agencies, Comfort Complex Care aims to refine its strong industry knowledge into a home care service that is more streamlined and responsive to the individual concerns of clients. Our healthcare professionals communicate regularly with patients in order to acquire a better grasp of their preferences, thereby providing an environment that is comfortable. 

Along with dementia and complex care, we are also capable of assisting with a range of other conditions, from brain and spinal injuries to respiratory problems, so if you need an excellent home care service in West London or Surrey, give us a call.

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Our Mission

One of our core beliefs at Comfort Complex Care is that everybody, regardless of race or religion, deserves to live a dignified life and receive love from those who are close to them. We do not see patients with a condition, but rather the human behind the condition. By truly communicating with somebody, understanding their likes and dislikes, a bond of trust is formed and the potential for genuine recovery becomes much bigger. Our fantastic team of staff, who hail from a range of backgrounds, are very sensitive to the personal and cultural needs of clients.

Our Carers

Our home care specialists are DBS checked and possess all necessary healthcare training certificates ahead of entering a care role. Along with dementia and complex care, we have specialists who cater for very particular demands such as catheter care or help with seizures. Moreover, everyone who we employ must view care as more than just a career, but rather as a vocation – an opportunity to help people and give them power over their own lives.




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Treatment That Suits You

We firmly believe that, unless you get to know your patient, you cannot truly help them. Opening a friendly and honest dialogue with clients enables them to feel comfortable in your presence, making recovery much more likely. Moreover, communication allows you to get to know the emotional life of a patient, which in turn opens up greater scope for understanding what makes them tick. This form of dialogue during home care, we believe, is the key to stimulating genuine healing.

Unrivalled Care Experience

For almost 30 years, our core team provided home care services across Richmond, Windsor and the West London area for a variety of agencies. As a result, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge regarding the standards that must be met with dementia and complex care. We have learned from the mistakes of others to create a service that is highly professional, tailored to the individual, and obsessed with maintaining extremely high standards in all major and minor aspects of home care.

Comprehensive Range of Services

While our main focus is on dementia care, our home care service also incorporates the more complex, day-to-day requirements of patients. This could be in the form of supplying the correct ventilation for tracheostomy care, or perhaps giving specific healthcare treatment to somebody with cystic fibrosis. No two conditions are alike, and that is why we believe in providing a service that is simultaneously all-encompassing and extremely sensitive to your particular needs.




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We are based in Hounslow and serve Richmond, Windsor and the wider West London and Surrey area. So, if you require a flawless home care service, get in contact with Comfort Complex Care.